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What is Expandism?

Longer version of this article is at my  homepage . Expansion in Art-making and Expansion-motivated art Introduction This article is a compact study of expansion in the context of making a piece of art. I believe that expansion is one aspect of all kinds of making of art. It has been neglected topic, even unseen, but the phenomenon is real and it is connected to art making, for it is impossible to make a piece of art without its expansion to some space. A work of art is always located in some space – on paper or canvas, in real or imaginary place, in this world or in digital one – and a work of art must first enter that space, it must do expansion there to take control of it. And it is the artist's task to make this happen.  By definition expansion means the increase of something in size , number , or importance . It relates to artworks in two ways, first, to the actual size of an artwork, and second, to the making process of an artwork. In some cases these expansions are overla